BenchMAX Labelling Machine

Increase productivity, reduce cost & enhance product presentation with a BenchMAX label applicator
  • The BenchMAX is a fast reliable ‘On Demand’ labelling solution that will not let you down in your most critical times.
  • It has the capacity to label products in the millions while having the flexibility to meet short run packaging needs.
  • The BenchMAX will reduce the expense of wasted labels - saving you up to 15–20 metres of labels every day.
  • The BenchMAX includes the Automatic Attachment, Orientation feature and Small Container Adapter however other options are available on request, including Removable Handles - allowing it to grow with your business.
  • The Automatic Attachment feature reduces labour costs, as reduces the need to double handle products through the production process.
  • The Orientation feature ensures repeatable and accurate over labelling - this is essential for precise labelling and relabelling for export or oversticking additional labels.
  • The BenchMAX comes with a 5 year warranty so you can be assured you will be covered in your most critical production times.

Key points to consider

  • Made in Australia
  • Food grade stainless steel shafts and bolts, along with adonised aluminium parts
  • Unique manufacturing processes have been put in place to ensure the machines are stronger and the parts stay aligned
  • Most accurate, reliable and cost effective machines on the marketing to date

Pictures may include optional extras

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0508 AARQUE (22 77 83)

Sensor type
On edge, no registration mark required
Wastage per roll
Label type
Pressure sensitive, die-cut,
roll-formatted, fan folded
Opaque, clear, translucent
Container type
Minimum 10mm
Maximum 110mm
Maximum 250mm with optional removable handle
Front & back 18 - 24/min.
(1000 - 1440/hour) approximately
Anodised 6061 Aluminium
Food grade Stainless steel
shafts and bolts