Evolis Hologram Security

Hologram Security

A hologram is an advanced form of photography that allows an image to be recorded in three dimensions.

As opposed to 3D and virtual reality on a 2D computer screen, a hologram appears to stand out as a true image in three dimensions that does not simulate image depth or require specific material to be viewed.

Why use a hologram as a security enforcement tool?

  • It is not possible to duplicate a hologram with a scanner or a colour photocopying machine
  • It is not possible to fabricate or copy a hologram through standard printing processes
  • The initial levels of visual security can be used to integrate additional levels of control for a card
Creation and reproduction of holograms are exclusively performed by a small number of industrial companies. The techniques employed are complex and use very rigorous procedures. Holograms, therefore, stand as a dependable solution for printing secured badges and cards.No material is required to control the genuineness of a hologram. This can quickly and reliably be performed at a glance.

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