Summa F Series F1432 Flatbed Cutter

Summa F Series F1432 Flatbed Cutter

Versatile and powerful cutting system

Summa’s Professional Flatbed Finishing System is an award-winning solution for producing innovative signage, displays, samples, packaging applications, and more. With an arsenal tools and optional add-ons, this is the breakthrough cutting solution you’ve been dreaming about.

These advanced engineered flatbed cutting tables are capable of cutting sheet and rigid materials as well as roll stock. Up to three tools can be inserted at one time on the multi module tool holder.

Automatic tool recognition
Changing tools is quick and easy. Automatic tool recognition, combined with digital and mechanical depth and or pressure control, insures precision cutting on a wide variety of materials.

The F Series base unit comes equipped with a drag module and Summa ’s revolutionary optical camera marker recognition system for accurate contour cutting of printed flexible or rigid substrate materials.


Vacuum Table with Zones
The working area of the larger flatbed systems can be divided into different zones (F1330 = 6 zones / 2 rows x 3 columns), so the vacuum can be optimised to process smaller jobs, as well. Each zone can be activated and deactivated automatically.
Media Transport

Conveyor System & Media Advance Clamps
The Conveyor System allow you to cut, crease and annotate large lengths of (flexible) material to large production runs. Pneumatically-driven media advance clamps hold the material down while pulling it forward to work continuously in panels or multiple jobs.

Roll Support System
In combination with the Conveyor System and the Media Advanced Clamps, the Roll Support System is ideal for processing roll material on all the Summa Flatbed Systems.
Tandem Mode (F1432, F1832, F2630, F3232)
By using the front zones and rear zones alternately, the Tandem Mode leads to significant increases in productivity. With the Tandem Mode, the active working area on the flatbed can be divided into front and back processing areas, which enables the user to load and unload material on one end of the table while cutting material on the other end of the table. This will avoid idle periods during the processing of material, which will add significant value to the overall workflow.
Operator Zone

The F Series’ working area can be divided into two separate zones, a cut only zone and an Operator Zone. The included Conveyor System makes sure all cut material processed in the cut zone is fed forward to the operator zone automatically. As the cutting head doesn't move any further than the cut only zone, the operator can then attend to the processed material safely at the front of the machine (the operator zone). The Operator Zone is especially developed to optimise your workflow in one swift motion - boosting your productivity and saving lots of precious time!
Poster Trim
A new feature, called Poster Trim, ensures posters can be cut without the need of any cutting data information. The built-in camera system of the F Series will detect the edges of black printed frames automatically and will start to cut immediately, without operator intervention. The Poster Trim functionality is the ideal way to make sure your posters are cut rapidly and accurately with a minimum of manual actions.

Multi Functional Head

On the multi functional head, three modules can be mounted with a single screw system. Each module has an ID which is automatically recognized when the module is installed.

The central unit is equipped with a laser pointer for positioning the origin and setting material boundaries. Furthermore, the integrated camera system that reads the registration marks guarantees fast and accurate contour cutting. 
Tangential module

The Tangential module is the most powerful and most flexible module: it offers a vertical force of 12 kg and corresponds to a whole range of matching tools. Each tool has its own barcode ID that ensures automatic recognition and parameter setting. For each application, an according tool can be installed on the tangential module. 

The barcode workflow automatically identifies the job to obtain the necessary cutting data from the computer. Scanning the job happens automatically by the built-in camera of the Summa F Series system or by a hand scanner, depending on the selected workflow.

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Cutting Area  1360 mm wide x 3200 mm long
Media Width Up to 1420 mm
Vacuum Zones 6 zones (2 rows x 3 columns)
Speed Up to 1000mm/sec
Dimensions 2300 x 4220 x 1220 mm
Drag Module, Conveyor System, Roll-Feed System, Safety Beam System, Pneumatic Pack, ADC right, standard 36˚ blade holder, 1 standard blade, 1 fiber-tip pen, hex screwdriver (4mm), hex screwdriver (2.5mm), USB cable (3 meter), USB extension cable (0.5 meter), media guide flanges (set of 2), Summa GoProduce software.
Tangential Module, F Series Routing System, HF Routing System, Electronic Oscillating Tool, Pneumatic Oscillating Tool, Kiss Cutting Tool, Single Edge Cutout Tool, Double Edge Cutout Tool, Heavy Duty Cutout Tool, Creasing Tools, V-Cut Tools, production software; Automated Depth Control left (Upgrade Kit), basket (F1612), extension tables (F1612), wireless controller w/charger.