iTech CENTRA HS Digital Label Finisher

iTech CENTRA HS Digital Label Finisher

The new iTech CENTRA HS Digital Finishing System from ADSI is the answer to every label converter’s needs for finishing short runs of labels with custom shapes and quick delivery to their customers.

The iTech CENTRA HS is a high-speed roll-to-roll digital converting system that allows users to laminate, die cut, strip and slit custom labels in one production pass. The iTech CENTRA HS can die cut any custom shape on demand – without the inherent costs, delays and limitations of more conventional die cutting processes – right from Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw using the same vector file that would normally be sent out for die manufacture.

Print to cut registration is accomplished via the SMARTMark Optical Registration System. Multiple registration marks can be scanned to automatically adjust the cut file compensating for any skew or scale issues that may have been caused by the output device or the material. The computer driven cutting technology is also capable of cutting multiple depths within the same cut file, allowing for perforations or multi-layer applications.

The iTech CENTRA HS also has a touch screen interface that makes it easy to set up and operate.

Sized to accommodate most label converters’ needs - it can convert printed materials from most digital or analog print platform including ink jet, thermal printers or a conventional flexo press.
Requiring no dies, make-ready, or running waste, the iTech CENTRA HS Digital Finishing System’s versatility and accuracy provide the professional converter as well as the end user with true “on demand” converting capabilities.

iTech CENTRA HS Digital Label Printer

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Contour cutting
Full HPGL vector cutting compatible with Smartmark opto-electrical line sensor
Average speed
4.6 meters per minute
Web width
127 - 355 mm
Max. frame length
610 mm
Max. input roll diameter
360 mm
Max. output roll diameter
360 mm
Recommended roll length
 381 meters
Make ready waste
3 meters
Cutting technology
Pivoting carbide tip - 30, 45 & 60 degree
User interface
Touch screen display
Test cut function


1470 mm
1500 mm
810 mm
205 kgs
Power requirements
100 - 240 VAC - 900 watts
Network connectivity
Ethernet 100 Base-T or USB 2.0
Cutter management tools
Allen Direct-Cut